Business Systems

We advise and assist businesses on the purchase, procurement, and implementation of accounting, reporting, and planning systems. We have worked with a full range of businesses across a range of industries on systems migration and implementations. Read more about our systems migration work with Tesco here. 

ERP Systems Implementation

We have many years of experience working with ERP systems implementation projects and all stages of the project lifecycle. We are certified Oracle Cloud implementation specialists and have lots of experience with most Oracle products including Netsuite, E-Business Suite, and Oracle Cloud. We can assist your business with all stages of the project lifecycle including:

  • Metadata assessment and design

  • Source ledger mapping

  • Data cleansing

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Data Migration

  • Project Management

  • Report Design

SME Accounting Software

For SME's we work mainly with SAGE, Xero, and Quickbooks. We can advise on:

  • The best system for your business

  • Getting the most from your new system

  • Implementing your new accounting software

  • Migrating data from legacy accounting software

  • End-user training 

Get in touch to discuss your business needs and we will be happy to deliver recommendations on the most suitable software packages for your business. We also help with setting up your new ledgers and data migration should this be required.