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Switching Accountants

Updated: Apr 17

We have new clients come to us all the time with complaints about previous accountants so we understand the frustrations businesses and individuals have when they are not getting the accounting service they desire.

At MJH Accountancy we will begin our relationship by sitting down and discussing client expectations and the service we provide so we are both comfortable moving forward. We believe communication and commitment to delivery are key to maintaining good relationships with our clients. Contact us to chat with an advisor about how we can help.

If you are having doubts about your current accountant here are some things to consider:

· Are you getting value for money? – How much are currently paying for accountancy services? If you suspect you are paying too much it is easy to find out if you can get a better rate elsewhere. Shop around online. Some accountants will have prices on their website, and you can always ask for a quote. However, be aware that any quote will be the minimum price and you end up paying more if your accounts are more complicated that they initially anticipate. Also, don’t make a decision solely based on price as quite often you get what you pay for.

· Is your accountant able to meet your business needs? – Does your accountant understand properly what you and your business require? Do they listen and hear your business needs? Do they have the time you need? Are they adequately staffed and have the necessary expertise to deliver what you need?

· Are your tax returns accurate and filed on time? – this is a basic requirement. Your accountant should do all they can to make sure your returns are filed on time and are correct (assuming of course you have furnished them with the correct information).

· Has your business outgrown your accountants? What you need from an accountant when starting will change as your business develops. It may make sense to bring some of your accountancy function in house. Do you need a firm of reputable auditors?

Some practical points to consider when changing accountant are:

· Timing – The best time to switch accountant is likely to be at the beginning of a financial year once that years accounts are complete. Best timing will also be dependent on the services provided. Check your contract and bear in mind that there may be balancing fees if you switch accountant within your financial year.

· Don’t burn bridges – Your new accountant will need to contact your former accountant to get professional clearance and request any relevant paperwork so don’t burn any bridges. Once you are satisfied with your new accountant, inform them of your intentions and settle any monies due.

Being in the accountancy business for over 40 years we understand what it takes to make clients happy and what they want to feel valued so contact us if you would like more information.

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